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As a young boy I was lucky. A number of activities inside and out of school came pretty easily to me. But as most adults know  all too well, talent can only take you so far. To improve and grow, hard work and practice are always necessary.


Unfortunately, as a child I didn't realize this and when I encountered an activity where I didn't naturally excel, I quit or avoided participating.


After numerous missed opportunities and many years, I've learned theses lessons. And as an educator now, I have noticed that there are many kids who are just like I was.


They're scared to make mistakes. They're afraid they aren't smart enough or good enough. But it doesn't have to be that way for today's youth.


If we immerse our kids with the tools for success, it’s impossible not to absorb them. And without realizing it, they’ll begin to actively build a life worth living.


And this is exactly what has motivated me to create Ryan The Spy. Each story in this series of picture books is a mixture of fun and silliness and provides a clear lesson.


Ryan The Spy is a great first step in preparing our kids for extraordinary lives.

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