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Hard Work+Practice Workbook

Grades 1,2

42 pages

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Students Take More Ownership of Their Learning:


Each week, students will take some time to reflect on and answer 2 questions:


                    1) What have I learned this week as a result of my

                        HARD WORK + PRACTICE?


                    2) What is one skill I have not mastered YET?


This habit of reflection helps students discover that their learning is directly proportional to their hard work and practice. That they are active participants in their learning and not simply at the mercy of their perceived, innate intelligence.


Students Become More Welcoming of Challenges:


With the knowledge that they have the power to profoundly affect their learning, students will view new and challenging material as something they haven't learned YET. That if they don't know it today, with Hard Work + Practice they will learn it someday soon.


Students See Learning is a Lifelong Process:


Each week identifying one skill that they have not mastered YET, students begin to see that there's always an aspect of their life that they can improve. The learning should never stop and is a lifelong process. This is particularly beneficial for those children who are perfectionists and/or risk avoidant. By alleviating the stress of having to know everything, they are free to try, fail, and learn.

How do I use it with my class?


Included with your order of workbooks is a copy of Ryan The Spy and: The Superhero Secret. This picture book shows students that for everyone, even superheroes, the secret to becoming super is Hard Work + Practice.


Once you have read the story to your students, they will then complete 1 workbook page each week by answering 2 questions:


                    1) What have I learned this week as a result of my

                        HARD WORK + PRACTICE?


                    2) What is one skill I have not mastered YET?


How much time will this take?


The exercises are designed to take only a few minutes. While students may spend more time, benefits will come from just minutes a week.


What goes on each page?


Students are encouraged to make this workbook their own. Whether they write or draw, as long as they take some time to reflect on the questions the workbook will work for them.


How accurate is the self-reporting?


By emphasizing the power of Hard Work + Practice, students come to change their attitude toward learning. Too often students associate shame with not knowing the answer or not being able to do a skill. This workbook is designed to help interrupt that pattern and train students' brains to get excited about working hard towards growing their skills. This will lead to less anxiety about not knowing and honest self-reporting.



Coil Binding

42 pages b&w

39 weeks of exercises

Covers: 100# Glossy

Dimmensions: 8.5" x 11"

Grades: 1,2

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